FringeNYC 1998


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FringeNYC 1998

August 19 – 30


Why we Fringe

We Fringe because that’s where the action is, and to be honest – we’re bored! We want better. We want groovier. We want the new stuff! Not the old stuff. We’ve had the old stuff.

We Fringe because we want to be at ground zero where the new stuff gets built. Big bright ideas that next year will be your everyday megahit, but this summer at the Fringe, they’re a revelation.

We Fringe because incredible people build the Fringe. We want to be around them. Artists who work around the clock to transform a culture one crazy idea at a time. And they work on very little moneyfuel – a potato chip here, a slice of pizza there, washed down with a slug of a diet drink – and back to it! They’re brave. They’re brilliant. Art warriors making the world a little safer for the Arts. How cool is that?

We are on the cusp of a mystery – the new century. Everything is changing. And yet, over and over, we return to hear and feel the power of live human interaction – PERFORMANCE! Whether it is cybercast worldwide or crammed into a little theater on the Lower East Side, it remains ESSENTIAL. And besides, when was the last time you were in a little room with a really big idea? We dare ya…

We Fringe because we MUST.

Diane, Aaron, Elena, John

P.S. You Fringe too.



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