FringeNYC 2001


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FringeNYC 2001

August 10 – 26


Four years ago in this very spot, we wrote to you about why New York needed FringeNYC. Yes, there were other festivals in New York. Yes, many festivals have been born since FringeNYC. But we created FringeNYC because individually, we are small, young, underfunded…..likely to wither on the vine. Collectively, we create an event that cannot be ignored. We come together. We’re in your face. We’re passionate. We’re loud…and let’s face it, we’re big. We’re not just one orange, bought, peeled and enjoyed. We’re a truckload of produce gathered from all over the world that rolls in once a year. WE don’t invite you to sit down for a finely prepare, perfectly balanced meal. We pull up and honk the horn and roll up the back of the truck and say hey…’s slice of something new. Want more?

And you, New York, bite. Not afraid of the mess, spitting the seeds across the Lower East Side. And those seeds are coming to fruit in so many ways. At FringeNYC our companies enjoy new audience members, most of whom come back throughout the year. The artists share theatres, dressing rooms and an after-show beverage. And new collaborations are fostered. Panel discussions spill out into the lobbies and lead to extended debates on the streets. Productions start here and go on to extended runs downtown or to Off-Broadway or even to Broadway. Parades are marched in. Children gather. Awards are awarded, and ultimately, attention is paid. And that’s because you didn’t shrink from the challenge. You didn’t say “ooh…could you maybe cut that up? Put it in a container? Could you maybe just make it a little more presentable?”

You embraced us. In fact, you climbed all over us, hungry for as much as you could get! Thank you, New York. Thank you for making us your own. Thank you for realizing that what makes New York special is its corner green-markets, small bakeries and carts selling homemade treats. Thank you for embracing our “get it while it’s hot” attitude. Thank you for being the city that wants the hottest, freshest, coolest, and newest from the neighborhood, and isn’t content with the factory-made-sold-at-a-super-store.

We don’t force our artists into categories. In fact, they have free –range to realize their vision with our support. We don’t cut everything up, nice and neat, and put it into bite-sized chunks…our shows are juicy, plump, and delicious…and watch out, they may squirt all over you.

What you see at FringeNYC is not overproduced. Our shows are lean. Some of them are raw. They are not brightly packaged, wrapped in plastic, marked up, and sold at a profit. In fact, they are all natural. They’re fat free! But be aware, they contain no preservatives. They must be gulped and enjoyed before August 26th. . . while they’re guaranteed fresh.


Elena and John


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