Awards 2001

FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards ‘01

Overall Production
The Adding Machine
Fuck You, or Dead Pee Holes
Yi Sang Counts to 13

21 Dog Years: Doing Time @

Unique Theatrical Experience:
Break the Floor
Rites ov Spring

Willa Bepler - Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
Paul Stancato - Einstein’s Dreams

Nick Boraine - Sic.
Tom Ford - Biography’s Top 10 People of the Millennium.....
Elaine Judson - Mary Stuart
Paul Kerry - Woyzeck
Bob Maitner - Poor Superman
Susan O’Connor - Take
Matt Wagner - Preview of Murder

Foureographers - Movement Zoo
Michael Stock - Hustle

Ensemble Performance:
Leaf In The Mailbox

Music Composition:
John LaSala - The Snow Queen

Set Design:
Christian Douglas - Snap Happy
Matthew Ronay - Debbie Does Dallas

Costume Design:
Daphne Javitch - Debbie Does Dallas & The Adding Machine
Jo Lewis & Catherine Raven - Mary Stuart

Theatermania Audience Favorite:
Dead End


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